Not only does Emily-Anne have strong convictions and a beautiful soul, but she has taken action against bullying. Her actions have had such an immediate and enormous impact on the world already.

Lady Gaga

If there was ever such a leader in the area of tween-esteem, it would be Emily-Anne Rigal. When we brought Emily-Anne to Mattel headquarters in El Segundo to meet with members of our executive and creative teams, her command of the room was transfixing. Here at 18-years-old, she was eloquently and passionately sharing her story to a room of adults, all of whom left with an increased inspiration and commitment to do more to help girls.

Lori Pantel VP of Girls Marketing, Mattel

Emily-Anne is a remarkable teenager who has excelled beyond her years. Her impressive creative abilities expressed themselves in many diverse ways. Emily-Anne is enthusiastic, energetic, and posses a can-do attitude. She is very mature for her age, and impressed me with her oral and writing skills, her ability to get along with others, and her dedication to do a great job.

Aria Finger Chief Operating Officer,

Emily-Anne has that rare combination of talent, intelligence, and personality. She is a tireless worker and very focused. And she is a joy to work with – her presence in a classroom brings a palpable energy and welcome humor.

Steven DeLaney High School Teacher

Meeting Emily-Anne was the experience of striking gold. Her generosity of spirit isn’t just refreshing, it’s an example I try to follow. I have paid high caliber consultants lots of money to provide me with what Emily-Anne gives me… and Emily-Anne is better.

Jeanne Demers Director, Realize, Inc.

Emily-Anne has been bullied. She knows how isolating and lonely it can be. And when she felt acceptance and found herself, she knew that she couldn’t rest knowing there were other kids feeling right now what she’d felt then. And so she did something about it. SHE DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT. But E-A and WSH haven’t just “beaten-up” bullying by raising teen-esteem, one teen and one story at a time.  What they and she have done is given countless kids the confidence and sense of self to go out and do their own thing in turn.  It’s one giant pay-it-forward movement. E-A has been the first domino to fall tens of thousands of times. If that’s not heroism, what is?

Seth Matlins Founder, Feel More Better

A queen of social media, Emily-Anne is best known for her YouTube Channel where she posts video blogs about whatever’s on her mind. What I love best about her videos is that they’re unapologetically Emily-Anne – they’re smart, quirky, honest, and most importantly, REAL. If only all girls and women could have that same sense of confidence in who they are to know their uniqueness is worthy of being embraced and celebrated. Emily-Anne gives girls everywhere inspiration to celebrate their own individuality.

Debbie Reber Author

Imagine the radical concoction of exuberance, zest, power, innovation intelligence, and pure heart — that is Emily-Anne. She is unstoppable and exciting to be around. She’s bright and the world is wide open for her. I love being her mentor and watching her soar. I suggest you get on board and brace yourself for her world domination.

Jess Weiner Confidence Expert and Strategist

To say Emily-Anne impressed me from the first day I met her would be an understatement. Emily-Anne has found a way to connect an entire generation searching for the most direct way to get through to their hearts – clearly. I can truly say WeStopHate is one of the most incredible channels of communication, creativity, and hope I have ever seen. It is, more than anything else, a gift to the world to show young people want more, and are willing to do whatever it takes to prove they are tired of ignorance and hate.

Cammy Nelson College Student

I first met Emily-Anne in 2010 and was blown away by her confidence, creativity, and passion. She is a ball of focused energy and I knew immediately that she was a young woman whose future was bright. Two years later, Emily-Anne asked if she could help out with the production of my talk show. I quickly saw that she is a born leader and sincerely can’t imagine having produced the season without her. She is strong without being forceful. Organized while still being flexible. Efficient and detail oriented. Her role expanded from an assistant to coordinator in a matter of weeks. She researched, secured, and prepped guests; managed audience; and handled the run of show. Not only can she think on her feet, she handles stressful situations with ease and grace. I’d trust her with any project because anything she doesn’t know, she’ll figure out.

Monique Coleman High School Musical Actress and Philanthropist

As Trojan TV president, Emily-Anne’s efficiency keeps our morning news personnel on track and her on-air personality adds a positive boost to every broadcast. I enthusiastically provide her with opportunities in public speaking and use her frequently as a master-of-ceremonies because she has talent and gives 100% to every project.

Ree Stone Trojan TV Moderator, Walsingham Academy

I had the honor of working with Emily-Anne as one of my teen clients. I have yet to meet another teen who is as compassionate, bright, confident, and quite frankly, such a badass. There is something so refreshing and inspiring about a woman so young who believes not only in herself, but the power of changing the world with others. There is no mountain Emily-Anne can’t (or won’t) climb.

Andrea Owen Life Coach, Your Kick Ass Life